• bot development to the power of 3

    some like it bot

    We strive for a holistic approach building a bot in three steps:
    text architecture, storytelling and suitable tech.

    1. Text architecture, conversation flow
    The replicable text framework with the appropriate grammar to boost branding effects; word and sentence types, tense, active and passive voice, rhetorical figures, direct speech, punctuation and more. Through a tangible arrangement of selected elements your individual, understandable and convincing text architecture unfolds.

    2. Storytelling
    To deliver the human touch we apply storytelling techniques. Because - who wants to talk to static computer? Humans prefer to be heard and understood. That’s our idea - to create a symbiotic interface between storytelling and automation. The targeted talk ambiance will be translated in an experiencable storyworld. The adressed target group experiences a suitable interaction which meets their needs and gives the emotion to be understood.

    3. Tech
    Bots can be found on various platforms like Facebook, Kik, Telegram, Slack, HipChat, Twitter and more. We facilitate the automation of your processes by the adequate mix of data architecture - your algorithm. To reach the goals we cooperate with experienced partners.

  • bot portfolio

    digital assistants for your business

    Personal Bot

    Enjoy life, don't surf

    Hand over your web search to your bot. About interesting developments in your expert area and more.


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    Conference Bot

    Get the basics done

    Invite people as per your profiling, activate the nonstop registration, have first questions answered.


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    Community Bot

    Listen to the target group's needs

    Scan for your target group, invite them into your community, organize interactions with you and between participants, have questions answered.


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